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IPCEDU 2021 - Transportation


Turkish Airlines, the official airlines of the International PEGEM Conference on Education (IPCEDU-2021), offers discounted rates at certain classes within the scope of Turkish Conventions. Please visit https://www4.thy.com/TKC for reservation and booking. Click on the Delegate tab and proceed with the code"005TKH21".

Discounts for Conference Attendees

International Discounts
Within the scope of the program, special discounted rates will be applied to the conference attendees on all international flights to Antalya

Business Class*: 20% discounts for C CL; 10% discounts for D/K/Z CL.
Economy Class*: 15% discounts for B/M/Y CL; 10% discounts for A/E/H/O/S CL; 5% discounts for L/Q/T CL; 3% discounts for P/V CL.

Domestic Discounts
Within the scope of the program, special discounted rates will be applied to the conference attendees on all domestic flights to Antalya.

Business Class**: 20% discounts for C/D/J CL.
Economy Class**: 10% discounts for A/B/E/H/L/M/O/Q/S/T/V CL.

*/** The discounted fees such as codeshare travel fees, Hajj-Umrah fees, pass-free tickets, child, infant, disabled, senior citizens, student, teacher, veteran/companion, military are out of the scope. Discounted fares can be used in group requests, however, applied discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount.
*/** The discounts are only applied on the flights to the event venue (Antalya). Conference attendees will be required to declare the event code and the certication of attendance (invitation letter) to the sales office or agency when booking.

TAU Tourism is the authorized agency for transportation at the International Pegem Conference on Education (IPCEDU-2021).

PARTICIPANTS will make the reservation and registration procedures regarding the transportation with TAU Turizm, with the following contact information in person.

Address Çağlayan Mah. 2084 Sk. Burcu Sitesi D Blok No:4 İç Kapı: 4, Muratpaşa-ANTALYA
Telephone +990 533 957 42 58
Working Hours 09.00 - 17.30  (except Sunday)
E-mail and Internet Address satis@tautatil.com / www.tautatil.com
Authorized Person Emine Akkan

A ONE WAY transfer will be made for .... TRY for Turkish and KKTC citizens per person at the Airport-Hotel and Manavgat Bus Terminal-Hotel, provided that there are at least 6 person.
In the case of less than 6 person, a ONE-WAY transfer will be made for a total of .... TRY for Turkish and KKTC citizens. You can also contact Tau Turizm for transfer and flight ticket purchases.
Transfer prices include 18% VAT.

Transfer hours (Antalya Airport - Hotel):
It will be announced at a later date.

Transfer hours (Antalya Bus Terminal - Hotel):
It will be announced at a later date.

Transfer reservations must be reported by October 15, 2021 at the latest.

The participants will be informed about return transfers 2 days before departure.

Tau Turizm reserves the right to cancel the reservation in case there are less than six people.

Public Transport - Information

1) From the bus station, you can directly get to the hotels area by the city bus No. 511.

2) Bus Terminal – Aska Lara Resort Hotel
From the bus terminal, you can take the bus line TL94 or TC93 to Barınaklar Boulevard. You can get to Aska Lara Resort Hotel by using the LC07 bus line from any point on the boulevard.
*Minimum travel time = 60–70 minutes.

3) Airport – Aska Lara Resort Hotel
You can go to Barınaklar Boulevard by taking the 800 bus line, which departs from the airport's domestic terminal every hour. From here, you can get to Aska Lara Resort Hotel by taking the
LC07 bus line coming from the opposite direction.

Direct Flights
Adana Ankara Diyarbakır İstanbul
İzmir Trabzon Van  

Connecting Flights
Adıyaman Ağrı Amasya Batman
Bingöl Bursa Denizli Elazığ
Erzincan Erzurum Eskişehir Gaziantep
Hatay Iğdır Kahramanmaraş Kars
Kastamonu Kayseri Konya Konya
Kütahya Malatya Mardin Muğla
Muş Nevşehir Samsun Siirt
Sinop Sivas Şanlıurfa Şırnak
Tekirdağ Tokat    

Road Transportation
Adana – Antalya 620 km Eskişehir – Antalya 415 km Malatya – Antalya 952 km
Afyon – Antalya 288 km Gaziantep – Antalya 834 km Kahramanmaraş – Antalya 806 km
Ankara – Antalya 483 km Hatay – Antalya 793 km Sakarya – Antalya 574 km
Bolu – Antalya 637 km Mersin – Antalya 496 km Samsun – Antalya 893 km
Bursa – Antalya 545 km İstanbul – Antalya 715 km Sivas – Antalya 805 km
Diyarbakır – Antalya 1136 km İzmir – Antalya 447 km Tokat – Antalya 869 km
Edirne – Antalya 952 km Kayseri – Antalya 610 km Trabzon – Antalya 1222 km
Elazığ – Antalya 1050 km Kocaeli – Antalya 607 km Şanlıurfa – Antalya 796 km
Erzurum – Antalya 1240 km Konya – Antalya 303 km Van – Antalya 1505 km