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IPCEDU 2020 - General Information

Date and Place of Congress:

The Congress will be held on 15-18 April 2020 at Dicle University, in Diyarbakır.

Language of Congress:

Presentation languages are Turkish and English.

Registration and Advisory Services:

Registration and information desks will be open from 08.00 to 19.00 during the Congress.

Invitation Letter:

Congress participants who have completed their registration process will be able to download invitation letters by logging in with their user names and passwords on the web page. This invitation letter is intended solely to assist the participants in obtaining permission from the institutions they are affiliated with and will not provide any financial support to the participants.

Name Badges:

All participants are required to wear badges at the entrance to the Congress Center, during the scientific sessions, in exhibition spaces, poster areas and other social programs for the healthy walking and safety of the Congress.

Certificate of Participation:

Participants who are registered to the Congress and present their presentations will be given their attendance certificates by the session chairs after their presentations.


Papers will be sent online using ipcet.org. The abstracts will be printed as they are sent, so spelling mistakes should be noted.


Posters should be 70 cm wide and 90 cm tall. Posters should be readable from a distance of at least 1 meter.

Booth Areas:

During the Congress, institutions and organizations supporting the Congress will exhibit their products/services in the area allocated to them at the Congress Center.

Presentation Delivery & Control Room:

In order to avoid difficulties during your presentations, you should prepare your portable memory in programs running under Microsoft Office and have backups with you. Before your presentation, you should check your portable memory in the delivery/control room in order to avoid any problems. Laptops and display devices will be available in all halls. Presentations should be delivered with portable memory. If you want to make a presentation from personal computers, you should inform the technical table in the hall. You should deliver your presentations to the slide room to prepare them for publication at least 1 hour before your session time in order to avoid any problems.
Presentations should be prepared according to the following points:
* Participants will be given 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions and answers.   There will be no extra time for presentation unless there is a special case.
* Power point presentation should include maximum 15 slides.
* Theoretical information and general definitions should not be included in the introduction and method sections of the presentations. Unless there is a special case, the presentations should start directly with Statement of the Problem / Purpose of the Study / Research Questions / Hypotheses.
* Background of the PowerPoint presentation should be as light as possible.
* A slide must contain no more than 36 words.